Mexico Portfolio - Artist's Statement
         There are many magical places in Mexico: where
  time is frozen. Native inhabitants live in the same way as
  one hundred years ago--connected to the land and to
  daily existence. Architecture transports renaissance
  Spain to the New World--mixing old world forms with
  new world spaces. The poetry of these places speaks
  to all of us, transcends a world insulated by technology
  and progress, and touches a common spirit.

       Many of these images come from the Festival of
  San Miguel, held at the end of each September in
  Tzinacapan, to the north of Puebla in Mexico. Nauha
  Indians perform pre-Columbian folk dances in honor
  of San Miguel, their Patron Saint. These dances were
  integrated by the Church into a new religious custom
  as "popular" folk dances--as touching a common spirit.

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